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Renting Apartments
Made Simple, Quick, and More Efficient 

The App

What is SityHub?

SityHub is an "All-in-One" real estate listing platform that streamlines the rental process by pre-screening tenants and connecting them with the apartments that they qualify for! 

Additionally, we are a safe and easy-to-use online platform that collects tenants' documents and organizes them in an application ready to be sent to the landlord with just a click of a button! 

SityHub saves time and money to renters and brokers by streamlining the rental process! 



How is SityHub better?


Tenants get prescreened before touring apartments, which saves them time and money on application fees, and reduces rejections.

Additionally, it is a secure online platform that allows clients to easily complete, sign, and submit rental applications.


SityHub increases brokers' conversion rates as it eliminates unqualified clients. It also saves time and effort as brokers receive completed applications, ready to be sent to the landlord for final approval.


SityHub streamlines the lead-to-lease process, therefore reducing the time spent on qualifying tenants by more than 90%. That saves time and money on staff, as well as reduces the vacancy rate.

How SityHub Works



Rent safely and less stressful on SityHub with just a few simple steps:

  • Sign-Up

  • Upload the required Documents

  • Get Pre-Screened 

  • Browse and find your perfect apartment 

  • Send the application to the landlord 

  • Sign the lease and move in




Save time and money by increasing your conversion rate with SityHubs' Pre-Screening service:

  • Sign Up

  • Create a listing

  • Add the corresponding leasing requirements 

  • Receive qualified leads and get instant access to the applicant files

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